Kuwait Marine Sports Club

Began a desire to establish a marina since 1963 of some Kuwaiti youth and the Sea Scouts to embrace their desires to engage in trades and professions sports , marine and revive the maritime heritage of Kuwait and leisure time , and when I took the idea of incorporation crystallize seriously hold the founding meeting in 12/20/1965 Diwan Abdulrahman Al-Salem , The founders progress they Abdulaziz Mohammed Ghanem Abdul Rahman Saqr phallic -Salem , Assistant Ahmed al-Haddad, Hussein Ali al-Najdi , Rahim Ali Mishari Sapphire cybernetic zero , Mohammad Ali Ghuloom teller , Abdullah Fahd Al-Rasheed , Hassan Jassim Mohammed Rajab Amin Abdullah upholstery , Mohammed Mubarak Albanwan , Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Al-Madhahka , Anwar Abdullah Nouri request to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs to establish and publicize the club on behalf of the marine Club of Kuwait, and the ministry agreed to the request of the founders and a decision publicity February 12, 1966 under No. 39 - clubs and associations of public benefit .
Was chosen as a constituent assembly comprised of : A. Al Ghanim Saqer phallic and Abdulrahman Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Madhahka and Abdulrahman Al-Salem Al Hassan and Mohammed Rajab Amin and Anwar Ali Abdullah Nouri and cognitive zero and assistant Ahmed Al-Haddad and Hussain Ali al-Najdi and Abdul Rahim Mishari Sapphire .
On July 25, 1967, the first elections after the formal establishment of the club for the selection of an elected board and a one-year , and its membership includes nine members, only on the basis of the Basic Law for the club .
The meeting was held in a secondary Shuwaikh Gueye was elected the first board of directors , headed by Jassem Mohammad Al-Kharafi and the presence of 46 members have joined the club after the publicity .
The previously issued Ministerial Decree No. 25 of 1975 to amend the name of the club , " the club maritime Kuwaiti " to the Kuwaiti Sports Club Marine even says the club to be treated with the rest of the sports clubs in terms of budget , aid and supervision.
Honorary club heads
Took the late Sheikh Jaber Al-Ali Al-Salem Al -Sabah honorary presidency of the club since its inception until his death on March 17, 1994 , and subsequently awarded the honorary presidency of Dr. Suad Al-Sabah on April 19, 1995 .
Club heads elected
Successively on the club since its inception presidents following names :

  • Jassim Mohammed Mohsen Al-Kharafi
  • Fahd Abdul Mohsen Al-Nafisi
  • Issa Ali Shuaib
  • Jazzae Sheikh Nasser al-Sabah
  • Rashid Hassan inaction
  • Faisal Al-Hamoud Al-Khalid Al-Zaid
  • Ahmed Mishari aggressive
  • Dirar Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim
  • Fahad Ahmad Al-Fahad