Board Of Directors
Gen. Ahmad Fahad Al-Fahad
Chairman of the Board
M. A. Alghanim

Khalid Mohammed Alfodra
Secretary General
Abdul Wahab Al Holey
Vice Chairman of the Board
Ali Al Qabandi
Board Member
Mohammed Al Farsi
Assistant Secretary
Abdel Qader Al Najjar
Board Member
Faisal Al Qaser
Assistant Treasurer
Mohammed Hamza
Board Member
Mahmoud Abu al-Qasim
Board Member
Ahmed Al Failkawi
Board Member
Activity Board of Directors

The Board of Directors continued his bus in promoting and upgrading the club and its activities
And programs and enhance its potential to achieve the desired goals and provide the best sporting atmosphere
And social, cultural and recreational for its members , and work to raise the level of all services
The activities and programs and the level of sports teams and give them all the care and attention in order to be
Able to achieve the desired results and raise the name of the club , both domestic and external .

He continued to board members through their roles and responsibilities of those concerned
Through the indignation of the enormous responsibilities entrusted to them to achieve the goals of the club and provide
The best means of its activities and programs and in order to enhance the potential of the club and its capabilities and activities
Bus and programs of the Council has taken several steps and decisions and actions during the last period

Were as follows :

• The Board of Directors to promote the areas of cooperation with all ministries and stakeholders
The Public Authority for Youth and Sports to support the events and activities of the club and to overcome
Obstacles it faces .
• The Board continued to strengthen its relations with the Public Authority for Youth and Sports and the unions
And sports clubs, governmental and private institutions through representation in the club
Meetings and events held at the level of these entities as well as meetings
Friendly and mutual visits of the Council was keen to invest these meetings
And meetings so as to enhance the role of the club and his positions in support of the sport and raise the name of Kuwait
Kuwait high in all forums and events.

• The Board continued his efforts to overcome the difficulties faced by the club , especially concerning the regulation
And the provision of labor club through a contract with specialized companies .

• The Board continued his commitment to support, strengthen and activate the role of the committees and sports teams and overcome
All the obstacles that stand in their way .

Achievements and other business

The Board of Directors carries out its responsibilities in order to uphold the club and seek to develop
Its activities and programs , and highlights what the Council has done in this regard during the last period what
Follows :

• keenness of the club's board to be congratulated on behalf of the club and all its members to
His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board
The nation and all the ministers and officials and boards of directors and actors , sports clubs
On the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha , as well as on the occasion of Independence Day
The anniversary of the liberation.