Cultural and Social

Included Activity Committee to establish and organize concerts and diverse social programs, recreational and festivals as well as the intensification of activities related to programs, children and organizing art competitions with electronic games and popular contests the se .... Read More

Sports Committee

The Club Marine Sports Kuwaiti prominent local clubs and one of pioneers in the field of some sports despite modest capacities and lack of playgrounds Olympic occasion was keen Board of Directors to provide all the opportunities and harness all the capabilities of each sport .... Read More

Water (Swimming)

Water Sports  Pool of great importance in our lives , as well as no less important as a sport in the world of sports , and what was the club maritime Kuwaiti athlete may lap it and built water sports , it has emerged the importance of establishing a team pool compete like .... Read More

Marine Sports

The first board of directors of the club great interest in maritime activities at the club and at the level of Kuwait through the water for swimming and Maritime Committee of the cycling of water and the Committee of the sail and rowing, and the Council is keen to support th .... Read More

Sail, Rowing and Kayak

Embraced the club sports sail, rowing and kayak from the reality of his role and contributions in the promotion of the games modern marine and create the means and provide ways for fans and enthusiasts of the sport for the exercise has provided the club all the needs and moc .... Read More

Sea Heritage

Committee works to revive maritime heritage to organize competitions and many activities in the field of maritime heritage as well as cultural competitions for the diving and heritage, came Activity Commission for its unique beach club sports Kuwaiti Activity uncharacteristi .... Read More

Wakeboard Team

Game Aloueck Board has been exercised and development beginning of the nineties in the United States, and is a game that comes from a family of games, water skiing, a board one installed by the special shoes and boat pulls the player cord, and the player work movements and l .... Read More

Maritime heritage

Trips commemorate the dive club Marine embodied the fact that link generations Kuwait heritage and pride in their country and the sacrifices of their parents and grandparents. Responded to the desire of the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad and completed under the auspices of .... Read More

Activity of Board of Directors

Activity Board of Directors The Board of Directors continued his bus in promoting and upgrading the club and its activities And programs and enhance its potential to achieve the desired goals and provide the best sporting atmosphere And social, cultural and recreational .... Read More