«Maritime» celebrated the conclusion of the championship sail Arab International

The presence of d. Hammoud Vlatah a representative of the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs , Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah , curtain came down yesterday evening on the tournament Arab International Sailing organized by the Sailing Committee and canoeing and kayak club marine sports Kuwait from 24 to 27 th, under the auspices of the Minister of Information, Youth , and with the participation of Arab and widespread international delegations included 95 players and administratively .

The ceremony was held final of the tournament , attended by President of the Club Marine Brigade leopard and the Secretary General Khaled Alfodra and board members , along with the heads and members of the participating delegations and the Secretary General and members of the Executive Bureau of the Arab Federation of Sail , and threw Alfodra word which he praised the generous sponsorship , and broad participation , stressing the importance of the tournament and keenness marine Club to harness all energies and their resources , in order to give marine sports and aquatic right attention and care at both the local and Arab , regional and international and upgrading, and in granting the opportunity for young sports men and women , to practice this sport excellence. The President of the Qatar Sailing Federation representative of the International Federation of Sail Khalifa Al Suwaidi word participating delegations and the International Union , which he praised the hospitality and good organization and role of the clubs vast maritime and initiatives in support of sailing the Gulf , Arab and Asian , and subsequently distributed d . Vlatah and General leopard Alfodra certificates of appreciation to the participants at the session of the International Union for the management of races organized by the club , and presented by the ruling Bulgarian international gardener , and generous rulers championship of Bulgaria , the Netherlands, Thailand , Greece, Egypt and Qatar , with a special honor for the rule of international Egyptian Hassan Luxor , for being one of the oldest Arab rulers international and his role in the publication of sailing in the Arab world and qualifying training and arbitration , then the cups had been distributed to holders of the three first positions regionally and internationally , to provide that the ceremony was concluded with trophies from some of the participating delegations to the club and the tournament sponsor representative delivery d . Vlatah memorial shield presented by Major General Fahad.

The tournament has seen Emirati superiority by winning the first four places , while the promising Kuwaiti Abdulaziz Suaib the largest share in the number of cups, and got forgotten Egyptian immortality , the first place regionally and internationally .


The final results at the Arab level

In class Alawpettmst year : the first Tunisian Rami Redden , the second Tunisian Hedi Ben Mustapha , the third Kuwaiti Abdulaziz Suaib .

* Alawpettmst for Girls: first the immortality of the forgotten Egyptian , Tunisian Shaima Chammari second , third Kuwaiti Suad al-Assaf .

* Alawpettmst junior : First Kuwaiti Abdulaziz Suaib , the second Emirati Saif Al Mansouri , the UAEs third Hamza Ali.

* Laser Class 4.7 : the first Emirati Hamoud al-Zaidi , the second Emirati Saeed Al Nuaimi , the third country in favor of draws .

* Laser Class Radial : first Emirati Saeed al-Zaidi , the second Egyptian Adam Shayeb , the third Kuwaiti Ali Bou Hamad .

* Laser Class Stand : The first Bahraini Abdul Rahim Abdullah , the second country, Walid Sharshani , the third Oman Hassan Al Jabri .

At the international level , the results were as follows:

In class Alawpettmst year : the first Tunisian Rami Redden , the second Tunisian Hdai Ben Mustapha , and the third Kuwaiti Abdulaziz Suaib.