Today the end of the championship sail Aribh

Will be held at six in the evening on Sunday, the closing ceremony of the tournament Arab International Sailing organized by the Committee for the sail , rowing and kayak club marine sports Kuwait under the auspices of the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Salem Al-Sabah during the period from 24 to 27 with the participation of Arab and wide , and the closing ceremony will be held at the headquarters of the club in Salmiya .
The results of the tournament in the second day has resulted in the shine of the country in favor of draws and won first place in the Laser class 4.7 amid hot competition with the UAEs Hamoud al-Zaidi , who took second place and the Omani T Wahaibi , who came third, and in the Laser Radial, Hafez UAE -form Saeed al-Zaidi on its first for the second day in a row and also kept the Kuwaiti Ali Bou Hamad ranked second place with third place was the Egyptian Adam Shayeb , in the category of Alstandr able Bahraini Abdullah Rahim achieve first place ahead of the international country, Walid Alhurcana who came in second with Hafez Egyptian Ahmed Ragab to rank third in the category of Alawpettmst Tunisians exchange their positions between the first and second round where he was able Hedi Ben Mustapha that occupies the first place at the expense of compatriot Rami Worden , who came in second in the Kuwaiti international Hafez Muhammad Suaib on the third position .
The Executive Bureau of the Arab Union reef may hold a meeting on the sidelines of the tournament , chaired by the Secretary General of the Arab Union Said Kamal Zadeh and in the presence of Vice-President of the Arab Union and the president of the Lebanese Edmond Chaghoury and head of the Egyptian Federation Medhat Khalil and Noman Hassan of the Bahrain along with a number of members of the Executive Office of the Secretary General in Club marine Sports Kuwaiti member of the Executive Office of Khaled Alfodra was at the meeting to adopt the record the previous tributes to Kuwait for hosting the tournament and the adoption of naming champion Arabs reef in 2013 through the current tournament , as has been the adoption of Morocco for hosting the next tournament in August and approved the proposal of Kuwait choosing Egyptian Hamid Morsi president of the Technical Committee of the Federation in recognition of its efficiency , as the Secretary-General Saeed Zadeh Alfodra to provide a shield in recognition of the Arab Federation for hosting the tournament and Kuwait meeting.