Water (Swimming)

Water Sports

Pool of great importance in our lives , as well as no less important as a sport in the world of sports , and what was the club maritime Kuwaiti athlete may lap it and built water sports , it has emerged the importance of establishing a team pool compete like other water sports sponsored by Club Marine Sports Kuwaiti . I've created a swim team club Marine in 1975 and join the Union Kuwaiti pool in 1976 after its establishment one year only , and is considered the swim team at the club of the most prominent difference in where he achieved many local tournaments in which he participated , and includes in its components many outstanding players who have joined the ranks of the Kuwaiti team pool thanks to the continued support of the Board of Directors.

The first board of directors great interest in maritime activities at the club through the water for swimming and the marine cycling of water and the Committee of the sail and rowing , has been the Council is keen to support these committees as responsible for the preparation and organization of tournaments and competitions and all sports related to the sea has formed these committees make a difference in the field Games swimming, sailing , kayaking, jet skis , water skiing and sailing panels were provided with the necessary equipment for training and harnessing all the capabilities to participate in local and foreign competitions .

Swimming and diving team

The team continued swimming and diving club appearances numerous local tournaments different as has been the inclusion of a number of the squad to the team , has been a focus by the club to join and qualify buds drawn attention future and to promote the ages and talents contribute to the tournament and shattering numbers in support of the national team , has been was annexed a large number of players to the club and national teams have had their contributions to achieving results and supervising break records , with the club participated in all competitions of the Union , taking into account the adoption of the swimming and diving teams on the buds.
Among the most prominent posts and activities related to my team swimming and diving as follows:

First - swim team :

- The inclusion of the swim team 4 players born in 2002 to the national team and the number 3 players born in 2003 and 4 players born in 2004 also included a player born in 2005, the youngest player to the national team along with another player , born in 2004, ie older than him , and was the club's players and achieved a player from the club was born in 1998 achievements for the first time was not achieved by the superiority of players on the national team , which draw the attention of the Technical Committee Union have been hugging to the national team .
- Swim team participated in the tournament refresher swimming pools complex , which was held Swimming Club of marine sports during the period from 26 to December 30, 2012 .
- Participated in the swim team swimming championships refresher of the clubs and erected complex swimming pools Marine Sports Club of during the period from 23 to January 25, 2013
- Enable the club to prove their legitimate right to organize tournaments Union on the docks complex that the club has been among the club's plan .
- Players the club has achieved many of the gold and silver medals and a bronze during the club's participation in local tournaments .
- The team has a number of talented players of all ages and for the national team .
- Academy of Education was created pool of buds and citizens throughout the year in order to discover the swimmers Mohpin young .
- School of Education was created to pool members and citizens and residents throughout the year so as to literacy swimming .
- Swim teams participated in the tournament 's general pool of the Kuwaiti Union for swimming for all ages and which are calculated within the overall excellence in 2013 .
- Hosting complex basins club team Kuwait Omoumy stage , 9 and 10 years in the framework of his training with the provision of all-weather and harness all the possibilities .