Wakeboard Team

Game Aloueck Board has been exercised and development beginning of the nineties in the United States, and is a game that comes from a family of games, water skiing, a board one installed by the special shoes and boat pulls the player cord, and the player work movements and leaps through the wave, which consists of behind the boat. The game is suitable for all ages, there are tournaments for Sgaralsn than 6 years, and the youngest player known March game is 3 years old.
team Aloueck Board of Kuwait:
     the team is a group of friends hobby games freely different, and start playing a game Aloueck Board in 2004 on a daily basis and lose develops Almistoyatem Even Eetmknu participation trophies and competition outside world, and the team is working on the development of the game in Kuwait in general, through training and answer questions anyone interested in a game Aloueck Board. team - Aloueck Board is a group of young people engaged in a modern game on the Kuwaiti scene. - team consists Aloueck Board Kuwaiti 6 players have to compete with the world champions and have achieved good results in the world and Asia. - There are more than 50 players practitioner of the game Aloueck Board on the shores of Kuwait. - The team is the first team to Kuwaiti and Arabic participate in the World Championships. - was recorded Marine Club of Kuwait in 2009 as a member of World Federation of the game (IWWF) which allows for all players Kuwaitis practitioners of the game Aloueck Board to participate in any of the world championships and Asian organized by the World Federation of Sports Aloueck Board. - The first championship was attended by the team in 2008 Arab Championship in Qatar and won the award for best team.

Tournaments in which he participated with the team in 2009:
1 - Championship World Games (Taiwan) 
2 - World Championship South Korea   
3 - Championship Emirates Open Wake Board (first place at the level of the men - second place at the level of the ladies)
4 - Championship Asia, South Korea (Position the sixth Asia)
5 - Championship Hong Kong Open (fifth place on the men - third place on the ladies)
tournaments to share with the team in 2010:
1 - Championship Aloueck Stoke Abu Dhabi (special invitation)
2 - Championship Malaysia Wake Board (first place at the level of men - second place at the level of the ladies)