Cultural and Social

Included Activity Committee to establish and organize concerts and diverse social programs, recreational and festivals as well as the intensification of activities related to programs, children and organizing art competitions with electronic games and popular contests the sea, and the programs and activities provided by the cultural and social development in the last period, photography exhibition under the patronage of His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and also the activities of the month of Ramadan and holidays and the Prophet's birthday, next to the club honored the sons of outstanding students.
The Commission established what recreational summer festival which included concerts weekly "Oriental - Kuwaiti Band - Children" as well as the participation of the Commission in the league Cultural Club, which is organized by the Public Authority for Youth and Sports, the Commission also participated in the activities of the Cultural Forum of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
The Committee is chaired by the Secretary General Khaled Alfodra and Vice President Mahmoud Abu al-Qasim and the Commission's decision Jassim Aldiria. It is the programs and activities provided by the Cultural and Social Committee in the last period:
The activities of the month of Ramadan and holidays and the Prophet's birthday
•    Anxious Committee to instill good morals and values, customs and traditions of Kuwaiti authentic focused on the religious events and built up within its various activities in celebration of the head of the Islamic year and a program on the Prophet's Birthday and a program for Flowers has been full of these occasions many of the programs, including fee places Almekdshalmsabqat religious »Sen Jim«, -entertainment for adults and children and distributed at the end of these events prizes and gifts to all participants.
•     The Commission established the program of the month of Ramadan and the program included »Night Kuwaiti« competitions cuisine Ramadan popularity contest popular games for men (Cote - sustainability - Domino - Hand) In the middle of the month of Ramadan was held software night Alkerkien and Abu Tubeileh participated in these programs a large number of club members and their guests and distributed gifts and prizes to all participants.
•     The Commission established during the Eid Al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, a concert for children with the distribution of gifts and magician, and a ceremony similar to adults.
•     Committee celebrated the birth of Prophet Mohammad by organizing quiz for families with awards and gifts, and organizing coloring contest for children and the distribution of prizes for all participants.

Educational activities

The Commission established a ceremony honoring the club's members from outstanding students at all stages of the academic year 2008/2009 under the auspices of President of the club's honorary d. Suad Al-Sabah and the presence of Sheikh Mubarak Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah, on December 15, 2009, awards were precious submitted them and certificates of appreciation to outstanding students totaling 250 students and students.

Recreational activities

The Commission established a summer festival recreational 2009 included a provision of concerts weekly «Oriental - Band KD - Children» - Cultural Activities  Committee participated in the league's cultural clubs organized by the Public Authority for Youth and Sports has been able to club team that achieves Cup and Shield league for the third time, has also established a Committee cultural competitions for adults and children and drawing competitions.

Review and amateur motorcycle owners

The Commission established on January 15, 2010 the largest review of the rally enthusiasts and owners of motorcycles as well as a review of the team Kuwaiti who organized the tour around the world by motorcycle, has included a review of several paragraphs and activities in addition to honoring the club for the team Kuwaiti and management gathered Kuwait cycling mechanism.

Various activities

The Cultural Committee to supervise the visiting delegations to the club from abroad and participation in the organization of their programs, as well as the post school trips that you visit the club through the establishment of the festival entertaining them and provide comfort to all ages from (kindergarten - primary - average) and the Committee to follow up the celebrations and festivals The competitions in which the club belongs to all of the maritime heritage and Maritime Committee and the Committee of the sail, rowing, kayaking, swimming and diving festival annual 21