Sports Committee

The Club Marine Sports Kuwaiti prominent local clubs and one of pioneers in the field of some sports despite modest capacities and lack of playgrounds Olympic occasion was keen Board of Directors to provide all the opportunities and harness all the capabilities of each sports game with an emphasis on attracting players and provide all appropriate services to them as a means of transportation and clothing and mathematical tools and tutoring and give them financial incentives encouraging and overcome all the difficulties and problems emerging in addition to the annual award ceremony at the end of each year.

The bowling center club organized several bowling leagues over the past period as well as hosting the championships teams, and its activities were the main stay Championship club Ramadan eighteen years under the auspices of the club head.
Sports leagues
 Following the establishment of the new stadiums for football, basketball, volleyball sports committee was keen to intensify its activities through the establishment of tournaments and competitions of the following:
 - Table tennis tournament for girls during October 2009
 - Basketball game for youth under 14.18 years was held in 09/05/2009
 - Table tennis match in under 14.18 years was held in 10/01/2009
 - Basketball game for free strikes (Girls) held at 2009/11/19
 - In the game of basketball blows free (youth) was held 2009/11/19
 - Championship basketball blows free (girls - boys) held in 01/28/2010
 - Penalty Championship football age 20 years and older was held in 02/04/2010
 - Penalty Championship football age 20 years and older was held 02/11/2010
Water sports activities and marine
 The first board of directors of the club great interest in offshore activities through the water for swimming and Maritime Committee of the cycling of water and the Committee of the sail and rowing, and the Council is keen to support these committees as responsible for the preparation and organization of tournaments and competitions and all sports related to the sea has formed these committees make a difference in the field Games swimming, sailing, kayaking, jet skis, water skiing and sailing panels were provided with the necessary equipment for training and harness Kafahalamkanat to participate in local and foreign competitions.
Hobbies and international stars
 Committee began work the club with its inception but it formed the label current after the annexation Rowing Club and sail to the club in 97, it is worth mentioning that the Committee has organized many races distinguished and able to provide young people with better opportunities to practice their hobby and their favorite sport which resulted in the emergence of stars on the level racing speedboats and jet skis or who raised the name of Kuwait in various international forums.
And assesses the Marine Club Sports Kuwaiti Championship bikes annual water from the reality of great interest in this sport that embraced since the beginning of its inception in Kuwait in 88 and the keenness of which support young people in order to highlight their abilities and in order to achieve the results supervising at all levels, has identified the club's goals of competition, such as awareness young people about cycling of water and compliance with laws and regulations, and the need to encourage them to be positive behaviors when riding the water, and taking into account the move away from the wrong practices which their exposure and other risks and harm.
Has come join the club to the International Federation in 1998 the culmination of the great role and activity track submitted in the field of promoting the sport of speed boats and jet skis, and is the club's marine sports Kuwaiti Member No. 35 in the International Federation of Sports speedboats and jet skis (IJSBA) and represents the Union as a branch to him and responsible for organization and development of marine sports and all related activities.