Public Relations
Representing the Committee for Public Relations and Media main axis upon which the activities of the club and build bridges of interdependence with the media , and contact with them , and remain an active player in the club , especially that it is interested first media coverage of the activities of the club , making it play an important role and a strong and important to highlight the various activities under the media momentum that fills the space these days ...

By the presence of satellite channels specialized sports and sports programs varied , as well as daily newspapers as well as Internet sites , has developed a committee within the strategy of many of the goals you want to achieve , because the Commission is based on the three sections , namely, ( a public relations media marketing ) and therefore the ambition Committee large through the development and deployment of all the work with regard to the club through the newspapers and television and through the club's web site investigation to pour him President of the Union and the distinguished members of the Board of Directors .

Thus, the Commission has placed a clear strategy and perhaps the most important task of the following *
Keen Committee to interact with the occasions where issued calendar distinct included a calendar year for the current calendar and the dates of the exams , vacations and holidays , also issued Amsakah for the month of Ramadan, and participated in the preparation of brochures and posters for all club activities and various programs for all committees , contributing to the dissemination of news the club via the press and the media different , preparation of print publications for the Secretariat of the Board and the Department of contributions and committees , the Board of Directors lifting cables to the concerned authorities , the provision of audio-visual media and photography for all occasions, the club and its programs along with outstanding coverage and commentary .

Strengthen the relationship between the club and the men of the press and media , as the Committee continued in strengthening ties the club with the various parties to open the door for investment in order to serve the club and that beneficiary institutions , and made sure the Commission to provide many of the bodies and ministries versions and publications issued by the club , and the Committee participated in a coordination meeting of the heads of the Commission public relations in sports clubs , which was held in Qadisiya Club on February 22 last year, and the Commission has submitted a working paper proposed have been approved in principle .

This committee is headed by the club board member Mahmoud Abu al-Qasim and Abdullah, director of the happiest .
The first Board of Directors of great interest to support this committee and the headquarters of a special allocation of its budget support as well as adequate to cover all their needs.
     Club's Web site :

    Continued club's official website on the World Wide Web " online" and address develop their resources and activities to provide all of the information about the club and its activities and events coverage with updated first hand in order to strengthen the areas of communication with members and all interested parties.

    The site contains a variety of services and information , notably a brief history of the club and its origins and diverse activities there is the club of the pool and sail and rowing and kayak fishing and sport " Jet Ski " and the activities of maritime heritage made famous by the club since the beginning of his interest in the sport of parents and grandparents , as well as honoring outstanding students from sons of members and athletes , as well as the details , results and schedules tournaments and Standings different from swimming and marine sports for each tournament involving club teams , as well as details of the matches of the activity of basketball for boys and girls , as well as competitions and the Football League , organized by the sports activity of members on an ongoing basis and continuous follow-up of the news and provide the thread modern information and images , and other distinctive additions in the Arabic language for the lovers of maritime activities .